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Visiting Blue Cliff

Blue Cliff Monastery is a mindfulness practice center and home to a community of Buddhist monks and nuns practicing in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Our home is open for family and friends to come and enjoy the practice of mindful living. We invite you to stay with us in the foothills of the Shawangunk  Mountains, south of the Catskills, and practice living in the present moment! Coming to our home means sharing smiles, practicing together, and supporting each other on our path to transformation and healing. It is a place to quiet the mind, look deeply, and enjoy the wonders of life within and around us. When you stay with us, you are invited to join us in the practices of our community, such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, deep relaxation meditation, and cultivating togetherness. Our home is situated on 80 acres of woodland with plenty of trails where you can be in touch with Mother Earth. Come breathe, calm the mind, and be refreshed and available for life. We are here for you!